Oodles of noodles and more news from Jet Entertainment

Frank Bonanno got his noodle bar, Bones, at 701 Grant Street, up and running at the end of December. Dave Query opened his Happy Noodle House at 835 Walnut Street in Boulder on Friday, February 13. The only holdout now?  XO, the noodle bar and healthy Asian concept from the guys at the Jet Entertainment Group, scheduled to go into a corner of the Jet Hotel, at 1612 Wazee Street (right), that's already been cleared out and expanded.

When I talked with George Eder from Jet Entertainment last week, he told me that XO is absolutely still on Jet's books, but that its opening has been pushed back to mid-April.Initially, they'd though it would open early this year -- early enough that XO was listed on the initial roster of restaurants participating in Denver Restaurant Week.

"We didn't get it up and going in time," Eder explained.  And now, what with all the banks afraid of giving out money without bags of gold as collateral, financing it has gotten a little bit complicated.

Still, Eder assured me that XO is a go for spring. What isn't such a sure bet?  Pizza Republica, the group's pizza concept slated to go into the Landmark project in Greenwood Village. The bank that Jet was getting its money from for its pizza place just up and closed, Eder said, leaving the partners high, dry and short on funds.  Right now, they're trying to get things back on track; he predicted that Republica would be back on line in nine weeks or so.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.