Open sesame: A third Ali Baba Grill

The third Ali Baba Grill, at 5380 Greenwood Plaza Boulevard in the Landmark project in Greenwood Village, finally opened today.

For months, the owners of the popular spot in Golden and a sibling in Littleton had talked about getting their newest location open in December, then by the first of the year, then in early January. They finally hit it on January 19 -- and word got out fast. "We had a good lunch rush; we were actually surprised" says manager Preston Garcia.

And today was just the "soft opening," he points out. The grand opening is set for Saturday, January 26, when "there will be belly dancers and the whole nine yards."

There's no alcohol at Ali Baba, but Preston points to some of the Landmark neighbors as good places to get a cocktail before you eat. "We have great food, which makes up for the lack of a bar," he says.

As at the first two Ali Baba locations, the menu here features Lebanese and Persian cuisine, including kabobs, gyros and hummus that is "hands down the best hummus you'll find in the Midwest," Preston says. "The food is a twelve out of ten: fresh vegetables, fresh meat, and everything is made to order; we don't cut corners."

Now that it's open, this Ali Baba will stay open from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m. Sunday through Thursday, and 11 a.m. to midnight Friday and Saturday. "It's a great location and has a lot of traffic volume which we are excited about," Preston concludes. "New people get to come in and try our food."

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