Original Chubby's now open on Santa Fe Drive

At ten this morning, Julian Cordova's second Original Chubby's restaurant finally opened on Santa Fe Drive -- and business has been brisk. Cordova opened his first Original Chubby's in Thornton in 1987; he insists that his two restaurants -- in addition to the original Chubby's that his grandmother, Stella Cordova, founded in the Chubby Burger Drive Inn on West 38th Avenue in 1969 --are the only "real" original Chubby's outposts. See also: - Original sin: A Chubby's is coming to Santa Fe -- but is it the right Chubby's? - Smothered: The saga of the Chubby's empire - How four different Chubby's restaurants stack up

The new location has some innovations, including a computer-ordering system (it used to be done by hand) and major security-camera coverage, with three TVs in the dining room that show views coming from the nine cameras around the store.

And this won't be the last Original Chubby's, Julian Cordova promises; he's already looking at a location in Westminster.

Keep reading for more photos of this second Original Chubby's.

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