Oskar Blues adds another award to its laundry list of recognition


Oskar Blues Brewery

was a Girl Scout, we'd all be rolling our eyes out of our heads at the merit badges crowding her sash. Fortunately, the brewery's accolades derive not from rescuing kittens from trees or helping grandma cross the street, but from the conscientiousness of the company and quality of its products.

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Though the Lyons-based Oskar Blues is about as decorated as they come -- Bon Appetit, Playboy and Maxim count among its star-studded admirers -- it doesn't take its latest accolade, the Colorado Brewers Guild President's Award, lightly.

The honor, announced just prior to last month's Colorado Brewers Rendezvous in Salida, stems from the brewery's support of the guild's activities, among them the recent Burning Can festival.

"It's flattering to get the award, because it kind of reflects on the effort we've made to lead the craft beer culture in Colorado," says Oskar Blues marketing director Chad Melis. "We have such a great beer culture and to be recognized is an important part of that."

"It's really important that breweries continue to fund Colorado Brewers Guild," Melis adds. "A lot of people kind of use that as an example of ways that Colorado brewers can give back."

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