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Oskar Blues collaborates with Ska Brewing on a tenth anniversary canned beer

Oskar Blues, which was the first craft brewery in the nation to can its beers, has teamed up with Ska, the second canned craft beer maker, to celebrate ten years of aluminum success with a beer they brewed together in Longmont last week.

Although the beers doesn't have a name or a label, Ska co-founder Dave Thibodeau says it will be a lightly smoked and heavy on the Eldorado hops. "It's been a long time coming, doing something with those guys," says Thibodeau, who joins with Oskar Blues each summer for the BoulDurango bike ride. "We do a lot of outdoor activities with them, and we have been thinking we would brew something with them forever."

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The beer will be revealed at Oskar Blues's tenth anniversary party on November 17, says Oskar Blues spokesman Chad Melis. After that, it will likely be available in cans at the brewery's three locations, and possibly around Ska's Durango home as well.

"It's just to celebrate ten years in a can and what both of us have been able to accomplish over ten years," Melis says. "We're moving craft beer ahead."

Oskar Blues first canned Dale's Pale Ale in 2002. Ska became the second craft brewery to can its beer shortly thereafter in 2003 with its ESB.

The beer may be part of a series of canned collaborations for Oskar Blues, which did two, Chaka and the Deuce, with Indian's Sun King in 2012.

The brewery is also looking at collaborating with some other breweries in the south and Midwest, Melis says.

The anniversary party goes from 6 p.m. till midnight at its original Oskar Blues Grill & Brew in Lyons. It will feature three bands, beer and food specials, a silent disco and giveaways. Tickets for one of the bands, White Buffalo, are $15 in advance.

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