Oskar Blues tweaks the Gubna, prepares to roll out new seasonal beer in July

Oskar Blues has made a few changes to one of its year-round offerings, Gubna, in anticipation of introducing a new seasonal beer in July.

The Longmont-based brewery has tweaked the recipe for the massive 10 percent ABV, 100-plus IBU rye IPA -- which debuted in a can in March 2010 -- adding Cascade hops on top of the Summit hops that were already being used.

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"It was launched as a single-hopped beer...as an experiment in trying to get 100 IBUs out of a single hop," says Oskar Blues spokesman Chad Melis. (IBUs, or international bittering units, are used to measure the bitterness in beer provided by the hops.) "But we dig playing around with hops, so this year, we added Cascade to the mix, which changes the aroma a little bit and the overall taste of the beer."

Gubna, which returns to shelves this week, will also go back to being a spring seasonal, available only in March, April and May in four-packs that cost $14.99.

The beer started off as a seasonal, but became a year-round offering in 2012 because it generated so much buzz, Melis says. "A lot of people were challenged by it. It was polarizing in some cases and it became a beer that people either loved it or they hated it."

In June, Oskar Blues will debut a new seasonal beer, although Melis says the brewery isn't sure yet what it will be. The brewery has rolled out a few new styles of cans over the past year, including a bottle-shaped can aluminum can with a twist-off top and a 19.2- ounce royal pint. Melis says he isn't sure yet what style of can the new beer will be in.



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