Ototo Food and Wine Bar opening today

After a few days of preview parties and events, Ototo Food and Wine Bar will be opening for dinner at 4:30 p.m. today, with lunch joining the lineup on December 13.

The former Den Deli space at 1501 South Pearl Street has a sleek new look and a menu to match, broken into Untouched, Lightly Touched and Touched categories.

What's Untouched? Wagyu Beef Carpaccio with Roasted Hen of the Wood Mushrooms ($13), for example, as well as three types of jamon, an array of cheeses and oysters, and "house-brined pickles" ($4) -- a selection that includes green tomatoes from the farm that Yasu and Toshi Kizaki, the brothers who also own Sushi Den and Izakaya Den, recently bought in Brighton.

On the Touched lineup, there's an amazing Pork and Bean Cassoulet ($12) and Crispy Sweetbreads and Cauliflower Puree ($14).

But the menu item most likely to be touched, and touched again, is from the Lightly Touched roster: the Egg in a Jar, a "soft blend of truffle mashed potatoes, diced Serrano ham, American sturgeon caviar and poached egg steamed together in a Mason jar, topped with fresh shallot, sea salt and chives, and served with grilled Ciabatta for dipping." At just $9, it could be the ultimate comfort food.

For updates on Ototo's opening, call 303-733-2503.

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