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Our favorite local culinary gifts for foodniks: EatDenver Dining Deck

All this week, I'm featuring my favorite culinary stocking stuffers and presents for the fervent foodnik, cook and restaurant fiend in your life (yesterday's pick was the indulgent hot chocolate and salted caramel marshmallows from Spuntino). These are all gifts that are available locally -- and locally made or produced -- and they're all things that I hope to find in my own stocking (or under the tree) this year.

2013 EatDenver Dining Deck This is, without a doubt, the gift that keeps on giving...and giving...and giving. Each year, EatDenver, a local group of independent restaurateurs, produces the EatDenver Dining Deck, a card deck of smashing deals that entitles the holders of those cards to receive $10 off a $25 food purchase at 52 local restaurants, all of which are EatDenver members.

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Within the deck, you'll find discounts to restaurants like Elway's Cherry Creek, Mizuna, TAG, Root Down, Linger, Duo, Rioja, Luca d' Italia, Euclid Hall, Bistro Vendome, Strings, Tables, Phat Thai, Panzano, Jonesy's Eat Bar, Village Cork, Vesta Dipping Grill, Coohills and so many more.

And each individual card, hued turquoise, green and mustard, comes with information about the restaurant, including its history, menu -- and popular dish -- descriptions, addresses, phone numbers and websites. And the EatDenver crew isn't oblivious to the fact that restaurants -- even the best ones -- occasionally close, so in the event that a restaurant shutters, EatDenver will happily send you another card, to another restaurant, to replace it. That's the epitome of holiday cheer. "This really is the best gift for people who love food and restaurants in Denver," says Elizabeth Woesnner, executive director of EatDenver. "It's such a great deal and you're supporting amazing local businesses, plus it's the gift that lasts all year long."

The decks are $50 (that equates to $520 worth of food), and can be purchased at, or at all three Tattered Cover locations, which is your best bet if you want them in time for Christmas.

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