Our pot critic in the kitchen: Recommended pot-and-food pairings

A couple of months ago, reporter Lee Klein at Miami New Times, our sister paper in Florida, did a story on an unconventional food pairing on a private yacht off the coast of Florida.

Klein's idea, which was inspired in part by my gig as Westword's pot critic (I review a dispensary every week in Mile Highs and Lows): find food and wine that paired up well with the various strains of marijuana.

Out in international waters, just out of reach from Florida's harsh drug laws, Klein found that seared scallops wrapped in apricot bark and glazed with Thai chili complimented the grassy, earthy taste of his Jamaican outdoor. His guests devoured sugar glazed bacon-wrapped dates over a doobie of Sour Diesel and by the end of the meal, things had deteriorated into a hash-fueled dessert pig-out on bananna chunks and Nutella.

I wrote to Klein in his comment section, suggesting that he pair up Sour Diesel with some rich cheeses and nutty red wine (as well as expressing my disappointment in not being invited along on a Village Voice-sponsored ganja cruise). To my surprise, he wrote me back and asked for more of my favorite cannabis-food pairings, as well as my favorite munchies, the best thing to drink when irie, and if Denver is getting any fatter with all of these dispensaries around.

You can read my answers to his questions (including a shout-out to the Cupcake Truck) here in the Miami New Times food blog, Short Order

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William Breathes
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