Our Weekly Bread: Bourbon Grill

The sandwich: Bourbon chicken sandwich Where to get it: Bourbon Grill (1618 East Colfax Avenue, 303-355-3821) What's on it: Bourbon chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, mayo on a bun How much: $5.08

So, my sister called me this morning with a sandwich tip. Bourbon Grill, she said. Check it out, or miss out.

It seemed a little sketchy, but Sarah has steered me right before, at both Buchi Café Cubanoand Carbone's, so I decided to give it a shot.

From the outside, Bourbon Grill does indeed look a little sketchy. You walk up to a hazy window and place your order either through the opening or to the impossibly old man standing in the doorway just to the right of the window. If this shack were located on a beach, in a little neighborhood or in a small town, it would be charming. On Colfax, it comes across as a place you'd probably skip.

But that would be a mistake. Bourbon Grill specializes in, well, chicken -- soaked in either a bourbon barbeque sauce or straight barbeque sauce. It offers a variety of chicken entrees served with rice, plus chicken wings and side orders that range from egg rolls to mac and cheese to French fries. It also serves sandwiches. Oddly, however, bourbon chicken is not one of them.

But after my sister's bourbon chicken raving, I asked if they could make one special for me, which the woman behind the window happily did. They're proud of their bourbon chicken here -- so proud that she offered me a piece to sample on a toothpick while I waited. And as I found out, they have a right to be proud.

The chunks of chicken were tender and juicy and had obviously been marinating in the barbeque bourbon sauce for a while, because the chicken had a ton of flavor but wasn't too sweet. Plus, it was seared in spots, which added a nice crunchy touch.

My specialty sandwich came with lettuce, tomatoes and mayonnaise, but I probably could have ordered onions and mushrooms, too, since those come on some of the other sandwich varieties.

Anyway, thanks, Sarah, for daring me to check out Bourbon Grill. I'll put it in the charming category.

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