Our Weekly Bread: Summerhill Market

The Sandwich: Italian Sub Where to get it: Summerhill Market (5614 East Cedar Avenue, 303-377-2979, www.mysummerhillmarket.com) What's on it: Capicola, ham, salami, provolone, lettuce and tomatoes, mayo, oil and vinegar, roasted peppers and sweet merlot onions on a baguette. How much: $5.99

There are those who say size doesn't matter and others who claim it's the motion of the ocean, but when a sandwich is as big and as packed with tasty ingredients as this one, the results are, well, orgasmic. Thanks, Summerhill Market. Now let me light this cigarette.

Hidden next to the venerable Pete's Fruits and Vegetables in a tiny nook off of Holly and Cedar streets, Summerhill Market (formerly know as Fred's Fine Meats) is primarily a neighborhood butcher shop. But it also has a deli with a nice selection of prepared to-go meals like lasagna, meatloaf and barbeque baby-back ribs, as well as specialty groceries and terrific cheeses. There's also a tiny area with outdoor seating around the corner.

The deli was my destination, though, and I chose the Italian Sub based on the recommendation of the sammie specialist behind the counter. It was a good pick.

The sandwich was packed with so much capicola, ham and salami, and so loaded with sweet onions, peppers, lettuce and tomatoes, that I'm not sure how this place stays in business. Even better: the meats are Boar's Head, typically expensive and hard to find in the average deli. Add to that the oil and vinegar dripping off of a baguette roll easily 60 percent larger than a typical sub, and you had a meal and a half.

It's amazing how some places take extra time and energy to create menus and sandwiches that are truly made to keep customers coming back. Summerhill is one of them.

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