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Our Weekly Bread: the Emerson at Earl's

The Sandwich: The Emerson

What's on it: Ham and Swiss on focaccia bread, with choice of veggies.

Where to get it: Earl's Sandwich Parlor (1431 Ogden Street, 303-832-7411)

How much: $6.85

This is the kind of place you're thankful for if you live in the neighborhood, and never visit if you don't. Although it's a little thin on choices - there are just six sandwiches and five wraps on the regular menu, all named after local streets, including the Colfax Club, the Emerson, the 14th Avenue Delight, the hot Humboldt, etc. -- you can also make your own combination.

Earl's used to be called the Earl of Sandwich, and there are stories on the Internet claiming that it had to change its name because it was threatened by Disney, which owns the national franchise rights to a sandwich shop of the same name. When I stopped in, I didn't ask about this because I was hungry, lazy and cold. But it was a good story to chew on.

I had the Emerson, served hot, with lettuce, tomatoes and pickles, mayo and mustard. It came with chips and a pickle. The focaccia bread was great and there was enough of everything on the sandwich to make it very filling.

Still, since I don't live in the neighborhood, I can't say I'd return.

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