Our winner to Paul Reilly's Eat Drink Give benefit is...

Paul Reilly, the former executive chef/owner of Encore, which closed last month, along with a posse of local big-name chefs and mixologists, are convening in the kitchen of Yia Yia's, the home turf of chef Aaron Whitcomb, on Sunday night for Eat Drink Give, a benefit for the neo-natal ICU at Saint Joseph hospital, which took care of Reilly's three sons before they passed away from premature birth complications in 2009.

And yesterday, we posted a contest, where we promised one Cafe Society reader that they (and a guest) could attend the fundraiser for the admission price of zero (but we encourage you to buy a raffle ticket or two). And in order to win, you had to answer a simple question: How many orders of jalapeno poppers did Encore serve during its final brunch service?

The correct answer is 23, and the person who guessed the closest without going over (it's the Bob Barker way!), is...

Troy, who guessed 21.

Troy, we'll shoot you an e-mail with details on claiming your prize.

In the meantime, tickets to the event, which starts at 6 p.m, are still available at edgtheremix.eventbrite.com/, or at the door.

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