Out at Second Home

I'm a dumbass. In the June 26 Bite Me, while further excoriating Sage Restaurant Group for its miss at Second Home, I mistakenly lumped the Rialto Cafe in among the properties that Sage has taken over. In actuality, Rialto is (and always has been) run by Concept Restaurants, while Sage Hospitality runs the the Marriott Courtyard on 16th, to which Rialto is attached.

And this was actually doubly dumb-assed of me because I know several of the chefs who, rather than coming out of excellent training houses like Mel’s, got their start at Rialto. Guys like Eric Roeder, Ian Kleinman, Duy Pham.

According to Chad Hacker, Rialto's director of marketing, “We have been open for ten years and have launched many careers for well-known and successful chefs in and around Denver. We are proud to be independent and consistently strive for quality food and service. The only connection we have to Sage is that we share space in the same building.”

So my bad, and my sincere appologies. -- Jason Sheehan

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