Paella as you go: where's the rice nice in Denver?

A pal called in search of a place in town that serves paella. Our longtime favorite was at Don Quixote, but that Spanish spot at First and Federal quit tilting at windmills a decade ago.

A couple of miles away at 1575 Boulder Street, Lola offers a Sunday night, family-style paella that's $16 per person. While we spend a lot of time at Lola -- we stopped by twice this past Sunday, and would have gone for a third round if we'd been able to move off our couch after the Bronco game -- we've never tried the paella. But if it's good as the rest of Lola's menu, it should be a mighty nice rice dish.

Just in case our pal can't wait until Sunday, though, we could use a few other paella suggestions. Post them here, and thanks.


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