The only thing this menu is missing is a "Dust Bowl" soup du jour.

Paris Wine Bar offers all-day happy-hour “Recession Menu”

If life gives you grapes of wrath, make some wine. That’s the idea behind the “Recession Menu” at Paris Wine Bar, 1549 Platte Street, a selection of all-day and all-night specials designed for gloomy economic days like this -- when just about everybody needs a drink. Reviving the sudsy communal atmosphere of ye olde Public House, the menu features, among other things, $4.50 red wines, $2.50 Session lagers and – for those truly looking like the ghost of Tom Joad – a $4 splash of scotch and water.

“So then where’s the ‘Depression Menu’?” we wryly asked our barkeep the other night, and the good fellow didn’t miss a beat.

That, he said, is just around the corner. – Joel Warner

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