Park Burger named a "Top 10 Best New Burger Spot" by Bon Appetit

While Jean-Philippe Failyau races to get Park & Co., a new burger barn at 439 East 17th Avenue, open by the first week in July, the owner of Park Burger, 1890 South Pearl Street, is basking in the accolades bestowed upon his Platt Park joint by Bon Appetit magazine, which, in its July issue, crowned Park Burger as one of the ten best new burger spots in the country.

The emblem of honor -- short and to the point -- hypes the awesome Croque:

Purists will dig the build-your-own burger options (Harris Ranch beef, available in three sizes: 1/4 pound, 1/3 pound, 1/2 pound), while more adventurous types should try the Croque (ham, fried egg, Swiss)

Failyau, who admits that he's essentially bunking at Park & Co., heard the good news from his partner at Osteria Marco, Frank Bonanno. "Frank called me, and was all, 'Did you see this?'. And, of course, I hadn't, because I'm so busy trying to get all the loose ends of the new restaurant tied up," says Failyau, who was waiting on booth deliveries when I got him on the horn earlier today.

But while Failyau is pretty damn pumped about getting those booths installed (not to mention the housemade pretzels with sharp cheddar fondue that'll be part of the new menu), the Bon Appetit worship has been a welcome distraction from the grind of opening a new restaurant. "We use Harris Ranch beef, we toast the buns, our kosher salt seasoning is great, we're consistent and we're doing a really good job overall," which, notes Failyau, is just another way of saying, "I'm totally excited and I stand by Bon Appetit's pick."

And speaking of the food mag's choices, Los Angeles-based Umami Burger, which also made the top ten list, is scouting for a parcel of land in Denver.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.