Park Hill Neighbors tapas bar coming to former Perk Hill space

Regulars did some moaning when the popular Perk Hill coffee shop abruptly closed last spring, after a celebrated tiff with the landlord over its funky outdoor seating. But in a few weeks, the place will reopen as a tapas bar. Permits are in and construction has begun on Park Hill Neighbors, according to this Facebook page.

The new owners are keeping a low profile; the liquor license notice lists one Bryan K. Glasmann as the contact, but an e-mail inquiry from Westword received an anonymous response: "The Neighbors is going to be a wine bar serving small plates and desserts, with an emphasis on meats and cheeses... We are hoping to provide an ambiance that provides a venue for people to relax and feel like they are going over to the Neighbors. We are hoping to open by the beginning of September."

That's certainly a different atmosphere from the kid-friendly picnic tables and somewhat loosey-goosey service of Perk Hill. Will Park Hill Neighbors fly with the neighbors of Park Hill? We'll know before the first snow.

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