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Part two: Denver chefs reveal what they'd like to see more of in 2012

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Enrique Socarras, Cuba Cuba

More late-night dining joints that serve really good food. Most of the people I know don't get off of work until midnight -- and options are severely limited at that hour. And I'd love to see more Cuban food. I'd welcome the competition.

Robert McCarthy, Rialto Cafe

Spanish/Basque food and, really, any ethnic foods outside of the standards.

Will Cisa, The Corner Office

Right now, what I'd really like to see more of is spring. Culinarily, I'd like to see more diversity in street food. I came here from Portland, where I could get amazing Polish meatballs right next to Korean tacos right next to deep-fried Czech pork sandwiches.

Lon Symensma, ChoLon Modern Asian Bistro

Food trucks and better Indian, Thai and barbecue options.

Jim Cohen, The Empire Lounge & Restaurant

Great Chinese places. We loved Chopsticks in Denver, but now it's gone.

Jorel Pierce, Euclid Hall

Whole carcass fabrication. If more chefs understood and respected the craft of butchery, it would be a hell of a lot easier to buy whole animals.

Marco Ramirez, The Palm

Newer food strategies. A trend comes along and we seem to beat it to death. Right now, the trend seems to be gastropubs and burger joints. Instead of hopping on the gravy train, I'd like to see some fresh ideas from all the new restaurants. And while we're deemed one of the healthiest cities in America, I find very few restaurants taking advantage of the commendation.

Antonio Gorjoux, Cherry Cricket

I'd like to see a larger variety of cuisines represented beyond just Japanese, Chinese, Mexican and Italian. I'd love to see more Argentinean, Spanish and Russian cuisines. Coming from Mexico City, where there's such a wealth of cuisines, I'd love to see more in Denver that's beyond the obvious. There's just so much here that's the same.

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