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Reasons why cheeseburgers are the greatest food in the world (third in a series): Cheeseburgers are situational.

Would a Bud's burger be so great outside of Bud's, the place? I'd like to say yes, of course -- that food and place are easily divisible. But I'm not so sure. There's no doubt in my mind that Bud's kitchen (such as it is) makes a fine burger -- but the fact that it does only that and does it in an environment that draws people from all over the place just to get a taste? That counts for something, too. A hot burger and a cold beer at just the right moment -- say, at the good end of a backyard cook-out, or after a long, hot drive -- can reach realms of perfection you would ordinarily think closed to such simple, pedestrian grub. And Bud's takes full advantage of that quality in the human heart that tends to make object and environment inseparable.

Would a Bud's burger be as good if taken to go? I guess that would depend on where you were taking it. But I can't think of any reason in the world why you wouldn't want to just pull up a stool at Bud's bar, crack open a bottle of beer and settle in for the next ten or twelve years. If you've looked so long and come so far to find burger Nirvana, why would you ever leave?

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