People Get Ready -- for Bob Marley and Pamela Anderson Tacos at Zi South

What do Pamela Anderson and Bob Marley have in common? Very little, other than that Marley was a vegetarian and Anderson still is. At least that makes them both suited to be the namesakes of two vegetarian tacos at Zi South. Known for a wide selection of tequila, the ballpark Mexican eatery also dishes up a couple of tasty bites for those who don't include meat in their diets.

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The Pamela Anderson nestles portobello mushrooms, onion, roasted corn, poblano peppers and cotija cheese into a flour tortilla. Cumin crema adds creamy flavor and the poblano peppers ensure that the spice builds with each bite. The only quibble? Anderson is actually a vegan, so she might object to the cheese and crema.

Although Zi South offers a plethora of hot sauces, those wont be necessary for this dish. Halfway through, you just might find yourself taking a tortilla chip break to cool your palate while wondering, "How does this hurt and taste so good at the same time? " No doubt you continue eating. Despite tingling lips, at least one more taco --and maybe two -- are in order; they're small enough that just one won't satiate even light eaters.

Enter the Bob Marley. The milder of the two vegetarian tacos, it's a perfect complement to Pamela's fire (or a good start for those who go with "zero" when Thai menus offer heat levels from one to five). Appealing in both presentation and flavor, this taco comprises a colorful assembly of black beans, Spanish rice, sautéed onions, peppers, mushrooms, and cheddar cheese inside a white corn tortilla. The beans and rice make for a slightly more filling taco (as well as a complete protein) and the Rastafarian color scheme created by the variety of peppers with the corn tortilla adds a nice texture.

We found the two tacos paired quite nicely together, but would have been more than satisfied with two (or three) servings of either one. Choose according to your spice preference and you can't go wrong. And what's a taco joint without taco Tuesday? Zi South sell tacos for $2 every Tuesday (discounted from $3.50 each), all day long. If you manage to save room for dessert, don't miss the fried ice cream with strawberries- this is the rebirth of a Good Humor strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, but for adults.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.