People magazine names the french fries at Jonesy's one of the top fifteen french fries in America

People magazine isn't exactly renowned for its food coverage, but even editors and writers at a gossip mag have to eat, and it appears that their latest culinary obsession is french fries. The online version of the "tell all" pub just released its list of top picks for french fries in the country, and of those fifteen "Best French Fries in America" roster, there's a justified shout-out to the pencil-thin tubers at Jonesey's EatBar, which has long been one of our favorite retreats for french fries. In fact, those deep-fried spuds of crisp golden crack garnered a Best of Denver award this year -- and it's not the first time. Flip the page to read what writer Lexi Dwyer had to say about those victorious fries.

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The staff at Jonesy's EatBar, a gastropub known for their locally-sourced ingredients, isn't afraid to get creative with their potatoes. Fries are given their own section of the menu, and customers can opt to turn an order into a meal by choosing one of five tempting-sounding preparations: Bacon macaroni and cheese, truffle aioli, buffalo sauce with blue cheese, vegan chili or Thai chili sauce. The potatoes are sliced thick and fried extra-crisp, so they're sturdy enough to withstand their saucy accompaniments.

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