Pete Coors poured Batch 19 on Friday, made from his great-grandfather's recipe

"It's not every day you get to roll out a new brand -- a new beer," says Pete Coors.

And it's not every day you get to drink a beer with the man whose great-grandfather gave Coors its name.

But patrons of Stoney's Bar and Grill got to try Batch 19 -- the pre-Prohibition beer that MillerCoors has been slowly introducing in select cities over the past year -- and to meet and shake hands with Coors himself on Friday. Revelers also got to party like it was the 1920s with bartenders in costume, old-time music and a festive atmosphere.

Coors, who had never been in Stoney's before, says he thinks it's smart to introduce the beer slowly because it's a special brand; the recipe was discovered a few years ago in a log book handwritten by Adolph Coors.

Batch 19 is only on tap at four places in Denver right now -- Stoney's, Star Bar, Wazee Supper Club and Reiver's -- but that number may grow in the coming months.

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