Pete's Monkey Bar closes tonight

After two-and-half years, Pete Penzastadler is closing

Pete's Monkey Bar

tonight with one last blowout.

Penzastadler, who calls it "a fucking awesome run," is closing the spot because he just needs to move on, he says.

In October 2009 Penzastadler, a former bartender at Sancho's Broken Arrow a few doors down on East Colfax Avenue, opened Pete's Monkey Bar in the former Dulcinea's 100th Monkey spot.

It had been part of the Bianchi brothers' Quixote's empire of clubs since 2002, and Penzastadler kept the place Dead-centric.

"There's been a lot of great things going on here," Penzastadler says. "A lot of great benefits to help other people out, which were some of the best things. There were a lot of great bands and a lot of great people coming in and out."

And we have no doubt that what's going in that spot next will be great, too. Watch for details later this week.

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