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Peteybird Ice Cream Sandwiches wheels into downtown

In April, "ice cream-sandwich enthusiast" Peter Bredemann donned hot-pink sunglasses, hot-pink fannyback and hot-pink flip-flops and started pedaling a hot-pink, three-wheel bike around Denver, peddling ice cream sandwiches. Now from noon to 2 p.m. every Monday through Friday, Peteybird Ice Cream Sandwiches can be found by the D&F Clocktower at 16th and Arapahoe streets, where Bredemann sells silver dollar-sized ice cream/cookie combos in packs of two for $4. "It's a delicate dance between the cookie and the ice cream," he says of his "proportional" sized sandwiches.

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Three years ago, after a "so-called gourmet" sandwich from an ice cream parlor in Crested Butte left his hands covered in chocolate ice cream and the cookie in crumbles, Bredemann, then working in engineering, set out to reinvent the experience of an ice cream sandwich. "It shouldn't be a mess or explode halfway through," he explains.

Made from homemade ice cream and cookies, the 1.5 inch diameter sandwiches are available in six flavors: chocolate chip cookie and vanilla ice cream, graham cracker cookie and key lime ice cream, sugar cookie with sea salt and strawberry ice cream, chocolate cookie and fresh mint chocolate chip ice cream, peanut butter cookie and chocolate ice cream, and maple flapjack cookie with sweet potato pie ice cream.

So far, the the chocolate chip, key lime and fresh mint have been the favorites. "More often than not, people come back for another a couple minutes later," Bredemann says. "They typically want two, and then maybe even three." He eats a key lime every day and is working on additional flavors for June: maple bacon and banana walnut.

Peteybird isn't just hanging out under the Clocktower this summer. Bredemann and his bike will be parked outside Coors Field before baseball games, and the sandwiches are also sold at the Summer Snow Gondola outside of the REI flagship store on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p.m. The bike also rolls through neighborhoods; although it doesn't have a jingle calling children of all ages from blocks away, you can find Peteybird via Twitter or on Facebook. You can also order sandwiches by the dozen on the Peteybird website.

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