Pho 96 open for business after hit-and-run

Federal Boulevard is full of pho restaurants, and one took a hit early yesterday morning when a fight started outside Maxim Lounge around 2 a.m., moving from the venue's parking lot out onto the street. Then a Honda Civic with a ski rack struck three people in the parking lot of Pho 96, across the street at 2990 West Mississippi.

That's the space that was the original Chopsticks China Bistro, where Tony Le and his wife, Linh Lam, opened Pho 96 just over a year ago. But despite the brouhaha outside, Pho 96 didn't miss a beat, and is open for business.

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After the incident, the Denver Police Department tweeted information and photos of the suspect vehicle. Here's the first tweet....

...and here's the second:

The victims have not yet been identified. Two middle-aged victims, a couple, were listed in critical condition yesterday; a younger victim was in serious condition. Michael Roberts reported on the initial incident on the Latest Word; read that story here.

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