Pho Pasta closes to make way for cafe bar, a modern American restaurant

Pho Pasta, a weirdly named restaurant (with an equally odd menu that hustled both pho and fettuccine Alfredo) that opened in March at 295 South Pennsylvania Street, shuttered a few weeks ago, but the space won't be vacant for long: Dane Huguley, a local real-estate developer with a passion for food, has snapped it up, and in September, he'll open cafe bar -- all lowercase.

"Even though I'm a real-estate developer, I've worked as a server, I'm a huge foodie, and ever since I was eighteen, I've wanted to open a restaurant, and this is a great location for a restaurant," says Huguley, who has also snatched up a pedigreed local chef to run the kitchen -- a chef whose identity he's closely guarding until he resigns from his current kitchen. "He's great, a lot of people will recognize who he is, and he's got huge connections with local purveyors and farmers," notes Huguley, adding that the two are currently working on a menu that, he promises, will be "really seasonal and really good, fresh food that's affordable."

Cafe bar plans to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily, and the space, which is being completely redone, will include a twelve-foot, marble-constructed community table that sits in front of the open kitchen, a second community table on the patio, which will also trumpet a fire pit, and beetle pine throughout the dining room. "It's going to be beautiful when we've finished all the construction, and it'll have the feel of a real neighborhood spot that's comfortable," says Huguley, who hopes to unlock the doors on September 15.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.