100 Favorite Dishes

Photos: A Month of 100 Favorite Dishes

Although we write about Denver food and restaurants for a living, we're just like you: We have to eat — generally three meals a day, every day. Sometimes that means cooking at home, sometimes it means an extravagant dinner out for a special occasion. Often it means just popping into a new cafe or favorite Chinese eatery for a quick bite. But no matter where we choose to spend our dining dollars, we're always on the lookout for something special — that sandwich we just can't put down, like the croissant from La Fillette Bakery in the photo above, or a hearty breakfast that makes us want to linger for hours over endless cups of coffee and scraps of toast with fresh-made jam, like we did for brunch at River and Woods.

That's how we pick our 100 Favorite Dishes; we just eat like we always do and report back the best. Occasionally we'll get a tip on a new seasonal special or a taqueria that has upped its game, and we'll bring you those, too. Here's a look back in photos of the last month of 100 Favorite Dishes. Or for more, browse through the complete collection so far this year.

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