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of 2011 took me back to

Barolo Grill
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, where a year ago I had some very mediocre meals at soaring prices -- which made me think that Barolo's star was tarnished, and the legendary restaurant no longer lived up to its reputation.

When I returned to Barolo this month, though, I found a very different place. Over the past twelve months, Barolo has updated both the decor and the menu (one dish, the veal cheeks, blew me away). As Barolo heads into its third decade, its star is definitely rising.

Here, to go with the review, is a side of photos. For more of Barolo Grill, check out our slide show: Barolo Grill is flying high.

More photos: Barolo Grill is flying high More photos: Barolo Grill is flying high

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