Photos: Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival in Keystone

The unmistakable scent of bacon permeated the air this past weekend in Keystone, as thousands of swine fanatics congregated in Keystone Village for the Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival, a two-day pig fest that sizzled with everything from strips of bacon and bacon-tatted underwear to a bacon-pelted sheet cake.

There were plenty of bacon-centric T-shirts in the crowd and even more plastic pig snouts at the festival, which pimped thousands of pounds of bacon from several different vendors and purveyors, including Denver Bacon Company and Tender Belly. Even dogs had their day: bags of bacon treats were being carted out by the dozens. "Bacon is the best food in America -- for kids and dogs," yapped one kid, who couldn't shove the rashers in his mouth fast enough.

If you missed the bacon bonanza, check out our photos of the festival on the next page. For more photos, visit our full Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival slide show.

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For more photos, visit our full Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival slide show.

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