Photos: Chef Ian Kleinman shows how to make liquid nitrogen peanut butter sorbet

You already know that chef Ian Kleinman is

launching a new dessert cart in August,

but this week he stopped by the

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offices to give us a preview of how he makes peanut butter sorbet using liquid nitrogen, which puts a -320F freeze on the stuff.

Liquid nitrogen has been used to make ice cream since 1906, Kleinman says, and it's also fundamental in application: "It's literally like sixth-grade science," he says, but the simplicity comes with a warning: It's also a "very, very dangerous medium."

This treat can be served on a bed of liquid nitrogen marshmallows. There's no real recipe to speak of. Just roast them with a propane torch (see the animated gif below) and douse them with more liquid nitrogen. Says Kleinman of his creations, "You're comfortable with the food we make, you're uncomfortable with what we do with it."

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