Photos: Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner opens a new location

Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner, a horse-topped diner that's become a Lakewood landmark at 9495 West Colfax Avenue, has opened another Davies' at 10151 West 26th Avenue in Lakewood. It's just the latest chapter in more than fifty years of chicken-fried history. See also: Jason Sheehan's review of the original Davies' Chuck Wagon Diner

The original shell of Davies' Chuck Wagon was built in 1957; it's a Mountain View, constructed in Singac, New Jersey. Of all the diners bolted together on those assembly lines, all the Valentines and Belaires and Indian Chiefs, Mountain View #516 traveled the farthest. Brought by train at the height of the boom and settled onto a foundation laid on West Colfax, no other East Coast diner made it as far as this one did.

And few have lasted as long. Estimates peg the ultimate output of the Jersey (and New York and Massachusetts) diner-construction companies at around 10,000 units; today, it's estimated that fewer than 3,000 vintage diners remain -- and many of those are not serving. But Davies' is.

Davies' is listed on the National Historic Register, and has outlasted several owners; it's been in the possession of Dwayne Clark for decades. He's made some innovations -- including the patio out front -- but an earlier attempt to open a Davies' on West Alameda fell flat.

But the new location on West 26th, which replaces another outpost at 12100 West 44th Avenue in Wheat Ridge, looks like it could have legs -- like the horse on the original.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.