Chef & Brew attendees and their beers.EXPAND
Chef & Brew attendees and their beers.
Brandon Marshall

Photos: Food, Beer and Whiskey at Two Denver Pairing Festivals

Two recent events showcased the food-pairing powers of local beer and whiskey. Last Thursday, the fourth annual Chef & Brew hit the EXDO Event Center, crowning winners for best food, best beer and best pairing. The Squeaky Bean won the best dish award for a Peruvian papas huancaina dish featuring purple potatoes grown on the restaurant's farm. The judge's favorite beer turned out to be the only out-of-state entry: a German-style doppelbock from Wasatch Brewery in Utah. And the pairing prize was awarded to a salted caramel porter from Former Future Brewing served with a beignet with caramel sauce from Range's chef Paul Nagan. For more photos, see photographer Brandon Marshall's slideshow.  

Beer and oysters - a classic combo.EXPAND
Beer and oysters - a classic combo.
Brandon Marshall

And on Saturday, the creators of last spring's Brufrou had another boozy hit with the Autumn MMMixer at Mile High Station. This event was a little more collaborative than competitive, but ticket holders enjoyed fall-oriented Colorado whiskey cocktails and small plates from local chefs nonetheless. Photographer Ken Hamblin was on hand to capture the high spirits an haute cuisine. For more photos, see the complete slideshow.

Double drinks at Chef & Brew.EXPAND
Double drinks at Chef & Brew.
Mark Antonation
Frying up pork croquettes.EXPAND
Frying up pork croquettes.
Brandon Marshall
Small bites at Chef & Brew.EXPAND
Small bites at Chef & Brew.
Brandon Marshall
Good food to match good whiskey at MMMixer.EXPAND
Good food to match good whiskey at MMMixer.
Ken Hamblin
Colorado whiskeys.EXPAND
Colorado whiskeys.
Ken Hamblin
Mixing up Colorado craft cocktails.EXPAND
Mixing up Colorado craft cocktails.
Ken Hamblin
Chococate and whiskey cake pops.EXPAND
Chococate and whiskey cake pops.
Ken Hamblin
Fall cocktails.EXPAND
Fall cocktails.
Ken Hamblin

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