Photos: Former Future Brewing opens tomorrow on South Broadway

James and Sarah Howat will launch the past into the present when they open Former Future Brewing tomorrow on South Broadway's Antique Row. The spot will specialize in "futuristic interpretations of historical styles," both in its look and feel and in its beer recipes, which will incorporate both the old and the new.

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Some of the beers, for instance, are made using recipes from the 1800s, but with a modern twist, says James. One, the English IPA, combines a grain bill from one hundred years ago with modern hops and dry-hopping techniques.

Located inside a long, narrow space that was once a marijuana dispensary, the look and feel of Former Future also combines old and new. Designed by Fin Art in Denver, the interior includes a bar made from the wing of an old Cessna. There are also a variety of light fixtures, some made from old barrel hoops, others from airport runway lights.

"Almost everything in here had some sort of previous use," James says.

James, a former science teacher, and Sarah have been working on Former Future for nearly a year; they'll open to the public at 6 p.m. on Saturday, February 1, and plan to hold a grand opening the following weekend. They haven't set regular hours yet.

Other beers on tap this weekend include: a salted caramel porter; a farmhouse IPA fermented entirely with Brettanomyces yeast; a Belgian wit; and a robust porter.

The Howats are also aging some beers in barrels that they hope to bottle in a few months; they plan to release new bottles every month or so after that.

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