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Photos: Hot trends and favorite finds from the 2014 Fancy Food Show

The Winter Fancy Food Show, held every year at the Moscone Center, a labyrinth of 212,000 square feet that showcases new finds in the food world, took place earlier this week in San Francisco, and I spent god knows how many hours shuffling through the halls stuffed with 1,300 exhibitors pimping everything from Hello Kitty paraphernalia to a make-it-yourself ramen noodle bar. Bacon, I learned, is still at the top of the food chain; gluten-free products are apparently more popular than sex; Jelly Belly will never run out of flavors; and chocolate is still everyone's favorite sugar rush.

Still, over the three days that I spent bumping into the culinary cognoscenti, including Thomas Keller, who was there to ballyhoo Cup4Cup, his gluten-free flour line, I spotted some noteworthy trending food and beverage products, along with a few favorites that I'll be seeking out in the weeks and months to come. Flip the page for my finds.

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Lori Midson
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