Photos: Newest Snarf's sub shop opens in the Ballpark neighborhood

Snarf's got its start in 1996, when Jim Seidel leased a 650 square-foot shack on the east end of Pearl Street in Boulder. He called his place Snarf's, because that's the sound someone makes when enjoying really good food. From that original store on Pearl Street, Snarf's grew to a chain of more than a dozen locations scattered between Colorado, St. Louis and Chicago, and Seidel owns all but two in St. Louis, which belong to his sister and brother-in-law. And now there are not only plans to expand into Texas, but to have fifty Snarf's stores across the country by 2018. One of those new locations just opened this week at new location2425 Broadway, at the edge of the Ballpark neighborhood. Photographer Marissa Shevins was there to capture a taste of Snarf's.

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