Photos: Pinche Taqueria Highland rolls out new salsas and tacos

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What do Madhava honey, a vegan history lesson and "liquid fire" have in common? They can all be found on Pinche Taqueria's updated menu.

On a slightly overcast Monday afternoon, Kevin Morrison, chef-owner of Pinche Taqueria, gathered his staff around the communal table at the new Highland location to sample his new creations -- and we were lucky enough to be invited. Check out the new dishes on the following page.

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First up were the three new salsas: molcajete, casera and salpicon. The molcajete, named after the Mexican stone used to smash it, combines grilled tomatoes, white onions and Serrano chiles for a smoky medium heat. The casera -- or "liquid fire" -- is as hot as it sounds, too hot for even Morrison, who ironically doesn't like spicy food. The "fire" hails from the Yucatan region of Mexico and is a wolf in sheep's clothing, with its virgin-white color. Sliced white onion, pan-roasted habanero chiles and fresh lime juice give it a citrusy undertone. The salpicon, a chopped salsa, combines radishes, cucumbers, red onions and orange and lime juices -- and finds itself atop the new barbacoa taco. Up next were tacos, including two new breakfast versions. The hongos, a towering, three-mushroom taco, was a staff favorite, thanks to its grilled crimini, oyster and shiitake mushrooms mingling with corn, cotija cheese, creamed cilantro and ancho chile crema made of sour cream, raisins and ancho chile. The vegan 1944 is served on the foil on which it's cooked so as to avoid mixing with any meat or dairy products cooked on the same grill. Combining sautéed spinach, roasted poblano chiles, corn, salsa abuela, avocado and pico de gallo, this veggie option is heavy on flavor. And what's with the 1944 title? That's the year the term "vegan" was coined by Donald Watson, co-founder of the British Vegan Society. Another breakfast taco of note is the camaron y chorizo gravy: scrambled eggs topped with pan-roasted shrimp and chorizo gravy (also new) and drizzled with Boulder's Madhava honey; the result is a perfect sweet-and-savory combination.

Also new to the menu are beef-stomach tacos, the victory club nachos, served only at happy hour, and the chef-favorite vegetarian tostada.

As always, all tacos are served on Raquelitas corn tortillas and ordered a la carte.

The new menu will be exclusive to the Highland location for two weeks, then roll out at the original City Park location.

Flip the page for more photos.

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