Little Man Ice Cream is now a landmark in Highland.EXPAND
Little Man Ice Cream is now a landmark in Highland.
Linnea Covington

Photos: Taste of Highlands Dished Up Bites of Booming Restaurant Scene

The restaurant scene has boomed in northwest Denver over the past few years, with dozens of new places opening in Highland. Some of them were featured at the fourth annual Taste of Highlands, held August 11 on a stormy night in Highlands Square. As Pizzeria Locale saved its giant pot of meatballs from the rain and The Regional rescued its buttermilk biscuits, people of all ages nibbled on goods from twelve neighborhood joints and sipped beer made by the nearby Hogshead Brewery.  Here's a taste of the dishes:

Pizzeria Locale meatballs.EXPAND
Pizzeria Locale meatballs.
Linnea Covington
Churros from El Camino.EXPAND
Churros from El Camino.
Linnea Covington
Shrimp and grits from The Regional.EXPAND
Shrimp and grits from The Regional.
Linnea Covington
Rolls from Sushi Hai.EXPAND
Rolls from Sushi Hai.
Linnea Covington

See the full Taste of Highlands slideshow here.

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