Photos: Ten epic Super Bowl meat stadiums

If you're one of those optimistic types who think that you can haul a bucket of Kentucky fried chicken to a Super Bowl shindig and generate a touchdown for your meager efforts, you might want to rethink your place on the playing field, because the people who created the ten epic Super Bowl stadiums on the following pages have your ass kicked from here to New Orleans.

These football fanatics have a fetish for pizzazz, a clear competitive edge, a serious obsession with the art of overkill and a manly enthusiasm for meat. These aren't sissy stadiums, people: They're strewn with stacked sandwiches the size of a linebacker's thigh; they pimp corn dogs, cigars of prosciutto and pigs in a blanket; pepperoni and salami sticks are piled high to the sky. Truth be told, there's enough pork in these stadiums to resurrect...Hamlet.

Behold the Super Bowl of meat-cheese-dip-and-chip stadiums.

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