Photos: This hot dog eating contest may turn you off hot dogs forever

The headline may be a stretch, but after watching wieners being destroyed in the spirit of competitive eating -- dousing buns with water, shoving the franks in one's mouth as fast as possible and eventually wearing a meat goatee -- you may think twice before ordering a hot dog at Coors Field.

The Chow Down for Charity hot dog eating contest at Steve's Snappin' Dogs went down on Sunday afternoon, with the eight contenders, whose mugs are shown below, masticating as many red hots as possible in a three-minute span.

Jimmy "The Jimineator" Mares emerged victorious, downing eleven dogs in the eight-minute span. Mares didn't beat his personal record of thirteen dogs, which he polished off in 2009 when he won the contest.

Photographer Eric Gruneisen brings back these photos from the contest.

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Nick Lucchesi
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