Photos: Tommy's Bodacious BBQ is pleased to meat you downtown

Denverites love their barbecue -- even if great barbecue can be tough to find in this city. Boney's, which won our Best BBQ in the Best of Denver 2013, used to have a cart at Writer's Square, but closed that in order to focus on its newly expanded restaurant on Champa. This past Monday, a new barbecue cart -- Tommy's Bodacious BBQ -- showed up at the old Boney's cart location, but Tommy's has already moved to 17th and Curtis streets, where it's doing a smoking business.

The bodacious Tommy's slogan? "Where there's smoke, there's flavor." Hungry yet? Keep reading to see photos of Tommy's, and then head downtown to try the barbecue at lunch.

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To find out more about Tommy's, go to its Facebook page, or call 303-968-7099.

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