Pie-ku: the new McDonald's Strawberry & Crème premium pie

Burger King adds ten new items to its menu and fast-foodies don't give a tinker's cuss -- but when McDonald's places a new pie in its pantheon, people froth at the mouths, demanding as many as they can get their soon-to-be-greasy mitts on, blogging about them and not minding the price hike for this new "premium pie" (the regular ones have been on the McDollar menu two for $1 for a while now, and the new ones are $.89 each).

So how premium is this pie?

Enough to inspire poetry. A trilogy of Collom lune haiku, in fact. Call it pie-ku.

Oily cookie pie The accent grave is dumb. I want another.

Two small boxes Only burnt sugar left inside. There's a third.

Pudding and jam I should be sick now. McDonald's sells drugs.

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