Pizza Fusion's Mission Will End on August 29
Courtesy of Pizza Fusion

Pizza Fusion's Mission Will End on August 29

Pizza Fusion opened in May 2011 not only as a pizza joint serving East Colfax Avenue but as a vocational training center in partnership with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless. Today the pizzeria announced that although the training program has been a success over the last four years, pizza sales have not been enough to support the program — and as a result, Pizza Fusion is closing its doors for good on August 29. 

The announcement came through Pizza Fusion's weekly electronic newsletter and included this statement from general manager Mary Putnam:  "It might actually seem contradictory to call our business venture a success when, in the end, we are closing our doors. But, a success it was."

The newsletter notes that in the time Pizza Fusion was open, the training program saw 108 participants (who served 93,842 pizzas), with 81 of those graduating and going on to new employment. 

Pizza Fusion is part of a nationwide chain serving an all-organic menu while attempting to maintain a low level of environmental impact. If you're a fan of the pizza or of Pizza Fusion's mission, head to Colfax for a last slice or two before the end of August. 

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