Pizza Patron has the best logo ever

While I was waiting in the parking lot of a strip mall off Alameda and Sheridan -- Westside! -- this weekend, I spotted the most awesome pizza-shop logo I've ever seen, for a place called Pizza Patron.The type font looks like Pizza Hut lettering, but the sign has a Latino guy squinting from beneath one of those hats that the wealthy Mexican landowners wear in old Westerns.

The mash-up is no accident, apparently. The Lakewood store is part of a national chain of inexpensive pizza joints geared toward Spanish speakers, with brightly colored interiors and contemporary Latino music playing from speakers. According to the Pizza Patron website, there are two other outlets in Colorado, one in south Denver and one in Aurora.

I haven't eaten at any of them year, but I definitely want to try a La Mexicana pizza, which the menu says is topped with "Chorizo, Ground Beef, Onions, Bell Peppers & Jalepeños."

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