PizzaDoodle: Is that the worst name ever for a Denver restaurant?

What's the worst name that's ever been stuck on a Denver restaurant?

We have a new contender: PizzaDoodle. That's the name of a family-friendly joint that's "still in the oven" but slated to open next month at 6830 South University Boulevard in Centennial. You don't want to say it fast. It sounds more like a dog species hybrid or a kid's clay-baking oven.

Unappetizing as PizzaDoodle is, though, we think Denver's seen worse.

The Hole, a moniker hung on a doughnut-and-beer joint at 3877 Tennyson Street, is our nominee for the worst Denver restaurant name...ever. And, in fact, the Hole was soon swallowed up in the black hole of bad ideas -- or at least bad names -- closing after just a year.

Can you think of a worse restaurant name than the Hole or PizzaDoodle?

For the record, according to its ad on Craigslist:

PizzaDoodle is a unique family-friendly restaurant that is locally owned and operated, and combines the best pizza, pasta and more with a child-friendly atmosphere allowing parents to relax and enjoy their handcrafted meals. There will be an imaginative play area for the children as well as family night complete with a balloon twister and costumed wait staff. The menu will please even the hardest to please mouths with a diverse variety to choose from including pizza, pasta, salads, heros, calzones, gluten-free options, dairy/soy/nut-free cheese options, and vegetarian as well as traditional cuisine.

PizzaDoodle do.

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Join the Westword community and help support independent local journalism in Denver.