Pizzeria Mundo: Here we go again...

Okay, I'm not saying that the place is dead for sure, but, once again, things are looking bad for Pizzeria Mundo at 1312 17th Street. I got a tip from yet another neighborhood cruiser that the space -- which has been absolutely fucked by a web of construction scaffolding that completely blocks it from view (the picture here is from happier times), not to mention jerked around more than a little by the property owners -- was looking awfully dim yesterday.

Because I got the message while out and about, I immediately called information to try and get a number for Mundo, but the operator told me that there was no number listed. Then, as soon as I got in front of a computer, I found the last operating number for the joint, called it, and got the dreaded, "The number you are calling is no longer in service..." message.

None of that is good news for a place that's struggled so long and worked so hard to make a name for itself in this town. The only hope I'm holding out is that Mundo, for a variety of reasons, has already gone dark twice before and still come back. Here's hoping owner Patrick Pool and his crew can pull off the same trick a third time.

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