Pizzeria Mundo is closed, with a rent bill on the door

Since we haven't been able to make contact with Pizzeria Mundo, a noble attempt to offer international pizzas that's faced numerous challenges since it opened, yesterday I made my way to the front door of the restaurant at 1312 17th Street  (shown here in happier times).

This mission wasn't easy: The south side of the 1300 block of 17th is completely blocked to pedestrians because of a mammoth renovation of the office building that houses Pizzeria Mundo, so I had to walk against traffic, facing off a couple of RTD buses, before I found an opening in the fence and slipped in, dodging construction supplies to reach the door. Where I found:

A note from Centennial Realty on behalf of the landlord, dated January 20, and demanding more than $11,000 in back rent within the next three days.

Rent? For the privilege of occupying a space that's completely cut off from any potential customers, and has been for months? Patrick Pool took over management of the pizza joint from his brother back in May, and as he told Jason Sheehan, the building operators never told him of the massive construction project coming down the pike.

Beyond the front door, the Pizzeria Mundo space is dark and locked up tight.

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