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Potager's packing its bags and going on summer vacation

Ripe tomatoes or no, Potager's taking a vacation. The Capitol Hill bastion of local, organic and seasonal fare will be dormant from this Sunday, July 18 through Wednesday, August 4, reopening for dinner on Thursday, August 5.

It's not a new thing. Potager closes its doors for vacation twice a year -- once in the winter, between Christmas and New Year's, and once in the summer -- as a way to allow chef-owner Teri Rippeto and her staff to really get away.

This time it's a bit of a heart-breaker though, with some of the restaurant garden's produce ripened and ready, including some early tomatoes. "Someone will be enjoying them, but not patrons of the restaurant," says server Lonah Defreites, laughing.

Not to worry though. There will be plenty to look forward to when the restaurant reopens in a couple of weeks. Defreites says there's tons of herbs sprouting, along with a plethora of eggplant, berries and tomatoes.

The Capitol Hill restaurant will debut a new menu upon its return. Stay tuned to its website for details. Potager is located at 1109 Ogden. For more information, call 303-832-5788.

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Jessica Chapman
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