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Power to the people: Denver's answer to Grub Street

Over the weekend, I posted a half-grumpy power-to-the-people blog in response to a poll of famous food writers done recently by It was, I'll admit, a barely concealed ploy to get the people of Denver talking about how they see their food scene right now and what they would like to see in the future. But what I didn't expect (at least not entirely) was the breadth of really good ideas that have already started coming in.

And so, in yet another blatant attempt to give the thing a little more life in this fifteen-minutes-and-yer-done blog world, I have decided to take some of those great answers and reprint them here in an attempt to keep the conversation going a bit longer. Yes, it's shameless. But honestly? Some of you folks came up with damn fine ideas, and I'd hate to see them just go away -- buried under a flood of whatever turns out to be hot news today.

The first great response also happened to be the very first response in the comments section, from a poster named Kat who really dug in and had her say about the state of Denver's food scene. Her responses to my first two questions were as follows:

Question: Who are the three most important chefs or owners in Denver today?

1) Jenn Jasinski - Girl Power in the Kitchen 2) Alex Seidel - The Thomas Keller of CO 3) The Denver Five

Question 2: What Denver chef do you kinda just want to punch right in the face?

I'm sorry Teri Rippeto, but your menu is one of the most obnoxious I've ever seen. I really don't care if you are using produce from Organically Organic Carbon-Based Farms on that Locally Harvested fish dish. I actually don't need to know who grew your garlic.

Niiiice...thanks, Kat.

Over the next few days, I'm going to continue highlighting the best answers/complaints/solutions regarding Denver's restaurant industry. So keep an eye out, and keep posting your comments to the original blog.

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