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Power to the People: Redux

Yesterday, I started culling the best answers I'd gotten from my deliberate rip-off of Grub Street's 2009 Grub Report foodie poll. Today, I am continuing to pimp for my own 1st Annual Cafe Society Poll about Food and Chefs and Stuff by picking another fantastic response that has come in and giving it a little more (virtual) ink right here.

A couple of questions into my poll, I asked this: What is the most important restaurant neighborhood in the city right now? I said that it was Broadway -- even though, deep in my most secret heart of hearts, I knew that the most important food neighborhood in this state was actually a bit further afield.

Lucky for me, commenter Eric had my back and he immediately shot back with the correct answer:

This is a tough one, but I'm going to go with Federal. Eat where the chefs and cooks eat (and find their influences). If you look around when you are at Tacos y Salsas, Ba Le or any of the other fantastic ethnic restaurants on this magnificent strip, you are likely to be eating next to the person who will be cooking your dinner downtown tonight.

Right on, Eric. Excellent answer.

And as for the rest of you? Click through to the original poll and keep those answers coming. Particularly if they're better than mine.

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